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This is a preregistration for the 2007 One Sixth Fanatics Expo contests, this not a contract, nor is it binding, nor are there any fee's. It's just to help us cater to you the One Sixth Fanatic.

There are 4 categories, under each category is listed the sub-category except for the multifigure/vignette/dio category. Choose category, sub-category, and then the subject of the figure/vehicle/dio.


Entry 1 Category: Non Military Single Figure
Entry 1 Sub Category: Male
Entry 1 Subject: Wild West Cowboy
Entry 2 Category: Military Single Figure
Entry 2 Sub Category: Pre WW1
Entry 2 Subject: ACW Union calvary figure

For vignette/dio entries just use the era your dio takes place in for the sub-category

The more entries we get, the more subcategories will be opened up. At least six entries per category for a category to happen. For example if there are many American Civil War entries, they will get their own category, but if not, they will still be able to be combined with other eras for the Pre-WW1 category and still be eligible in this way so no one gets left out. As vehicles are harder to travel with, only three entries per category will be necessary. If there are only three entries between the two starter categories, the categories will be combined to make it happen thus eliminating a category, but still allowing the three entries to compete. In other words, the more interest shown, and the more participation, the more there will be to offer. So start thinking about what you want to put together, be it science fiction, historic, fantasy, military, rescue and law enforcement, etc, and submit your registration. Attendees may place two entries.

Here is the list of categories. Once again, depending on the amount of preregistered entries there may be more categories added as described above, it's up to you, the "One Sixth Fanatic", and your participation.


  • Military Single Figure
    • Pre-WW1
    • WW1
    • WW2 - Axis
    • WW2 - Allied
    • Post WW2
  • Non-Military Single Figure
    • Male
    • Female
    • Movie Character re-creation
  • Multi-Figure Diorama / Vignette (Limited to a maximum base size of 2 feet by 3 feet)
  • Vehicle
    • Kit build
    • Scratch Build
Pre-Registration is not required to enter the contests



Copy and send to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

First Name: ________________________
Last Name: ________________________
Email Address:_____________________
Known online as:____________________

Entry 1 Category: __________________
Entry 1 Sub Category: _________________
Entry 1 Subject: _________________
Entry 2 Category: __________________
Entry 2 Sub Category: _________________
Entry 2 Subject: _________________


Preliminary rules
  1. A maximum of 2 entries per contestant
  2. All entries must be 1/6th scale
  3. Judges and OSF staff are not eligible to participate
  4. Entries may only be placed by attendees
  5. This is an amateur competition, professional modelers not eligible to participate
  6. Single figure entries may be displayed on a small base or stand. Base should be plain and will not count towards their score.
  7. Maximum size of Vignettes / Dioramas is 2 feet X 3 feet
  8. Entry deadline is 2 pm Saturday, pick up after 1 pm Sunday
  9. Entries must be the work of the contestant.
  10. No out of the box figures or purchased complete works may be entered in the single figure categories, may be used in multi figure and vehicle categories.
  11. Promoter reserves the right to update these rules as necessary

Judging Criteria will be announced soon

The show promoters and staff will do their utmost to safeguard all entries, however we are not responsible for any products entered in the competition