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Booths available

Due to the configuration of the hall and rooms for the convention and needing to fit as many booths as possible it was not possible to have standard booth layouts. Here are the types of booths that are available. You may reserve up to four (4) booths only. Quantity of booths must match the floor plan. You may request different table layouts but they must fit into the measurements of the booths you reserve. Each booth will come with two (2) chairs.
First booth reserved will be as priced and come with two (2) exhibitor badges. Additional booths receive a 5% discount and come with one exhibitor badge.
Due to the location of the Expo Las Vegas booth prices are about 15% higher than you would expect to pay at other similar conventions. That is the penalty of having the Expo in the entertainment capital of the world.

 Booth Type A
 Size  Tables Price

 8' X 17'

Additional Table


 2 X 8' and 2 X 6'



1 X 8' 








Booth Type B


 8' X 13"

Additional Table


 3 X 8'



 1 X 6' 








Booth Type C

  6' X 13' 1 X 8' and 2 X 6'



Booth Type D


  6' X 11'
 3 X 6'



Booth Type E


  6' X 21'
 2 X 8' and 2 X 6'



Booth Type F


  6' X 17'
 4 X 6'



Booth Type G


  6' Wall Space
 1 X 6'


    These tables are against the wall with no space behind them