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One Sixth Fanatics Expo



Welcome to One Sixth Fanatics Web Site, we hope we will have the pleasure of your company at the Expo.

The event is being promoted by fanatics of this fabulous hobby we are in for fellow six scale nuts. Your support at the premier will help enable it to grow into a world renowned extravaganza. What better place to hold it, Las Vegas the entertainment and convention capitol of the world. There are more attractions per square mile in Las Vegas than anywhere else on the planet and this year there will be a new one. One Sixth Fanatics Expo, bringing you the finest in products and vendors from across the country, plus a few from far off places. Meet your suppliers in person, talk with the guys that make the custom pieces you crave for and pass some time with the guys you only know by name or a handle. When the show closes hit the bars, tables, slots, night clubs and other places we will not mention. Bringing the family or girlfriend, dine at the best restaurants, see a show, take the kids to one or more of the theme parks or just sit by the pool with a beer, relax and send the family window shopping at the top brand name stores in the world. Keep your credit card in your wallet.


Many of the attractions for the Expo are still being planned and information will be updated from time to time, please bookmark us and come back often. Here are some things being planned. A four category model competition with over $2000.00 in prizes and gift certificates, a six scale diorama and vehicle display, an open bid charity auction with products donated by vendors at the expo, guests (to be announced) and exclusives (to be announced).

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

- One Sixth Fanatics Team